FITI has successfully completed three days of 2nd batch training programme on “Leadership for Transformation”. The training program was organized from January 25 – 27, 2023 for the employees of FSPs.
The Leadership Training program is developed based on the roles and competency requirement of the leadership along the continuum of what a leader is expected to do during times of changes. Irrespective of the organizational context of the leadership whether it is a government organization, CSO, academic institutions or the private enterprises, the following leadership dimensions are pertinent especially during times of changes and reforms:
• Leading Organization;
• Leading People; and
• Leading Self.
The training was organized with to fulfill the following objectives:
• To develop strategic leadership knowledge and skills and build confidence to make informed decisions to steer the organization through change;
• Understand the three critical leadership roles and competencies to Lead the organization, Lead the People and Lead the Self;
• Inculcate the importance and practice of thinking systematically and strategically;
• Be familiar with the practice and skills of Neuroscience Based management of people;
• Acquire the skills to make decisions as a science and an art; and
• Orient on the value of self-awareness and Self-management as foundation for aligning self to the changing world outside.