5 days training program on “Customer Delight: Creating customer who creates customers” ended today. The program was customized for the employees of Bank of Bhutan based on their need.

The aim of the program was to:

 Highlight the importance of quality service dimensions and their impact on a customer’s experience.
 Embrace personal change and develop the participants mindset to think in customer centric way.
 Explain service language and its importance in communicating with customers using various medium.
 Instill the approach of customer service delivery in challenging workplace situations.
 Understand the logical service dimensions all customers care about.
 Prepare participants to be assertive and handle demanding customers and difficult situations.
 Help participants to improvise in customer service attitude.
 Lay the groundwork to align behaviors to their organization’s expectations of its customers service staff.
 Offer suggestions for measuring service levels including time management skills, coping with team and importance of building rapport with customers.

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