Financial statement analysis, the use of financial information to assess prior performance and likely future performance to make effective economic decisions. Financial Statement consists of:
• statement of financial position
• statement of comprehensive income
• statement of changes in equity
• statement of cash flows and
• notes.
Analysts use various information sources in financial statement analysis besides annual financial statements. For example, MD&A, earnings announcements, external data sources, and direct experience.
Stakeholders have different interests and apply a variety of different techniques to perform financial statement analysis for evaluating risks, performance, financial health, and future prospects of an organization.
During the training, focus is to be centered on outcomes of financial statement analysis on senior management and the competencies needed to conduct and implement the standard.

Learning Outcomes
Candidates shall be able to perform a thorough analysis of an entity primarily based on its financial statements and other information contained in annual reports.

Target Audience : Management, Finance, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance, Credit, Treasury, Forex and International Trade.

Date/Duration : 16th – 18th May, 2018 (3 Days)