RMA Governor Dasho Penjore launches the programme

Chhimi Dema

To build a foundation in the fundamentals and principles of banking and non-banking Financial Institutions Training Institute (FITI) launched the Certificate in Banking (CB) programme yesterday.

Students will learn business developments, communication and customer care skills, skills of discovering and exploring financial markets during the two-month course.

Numerical and accounting skills, essential Information and Technology skills, and office management skills were some areas that the programme will cover.

Upon completion of the modularised programme, candidates would get a Certificate in Banking, and then progress to Diploma in Banking. The candidate would then qualify to apply for a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking from FITI.

FITI’s Head of curriculum designing and marketing, Sonam Phuntsho, said that the CB programme was launched to address the need to build human resource (HR) capacity in the financial sector.

“If we look at the trend, the candidates of the financial institutions were employed first and get skilled while performing their daily duties,” he said. “The trend has been changed. People are devoting to learning and doing.”

He said that the programme was designed to address the need of the university graduates who aspire to join the financial institutions.

Sonam Phuntsho said that FITI expects to create a route to highlight the importance of HR development, especially in the financial sector.

“In the years to come, we would like to build a vibrant financial sector in the country that has not only the theoretical knowledge but the practical knowledge,” he said.

The programme attempts to build a foundation and impart knowledge with hands-on experience to join the financial sectors in the future.

Sonam said that the programme was designed and developed by FITI in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Banking.

There are 12 individuals from financial institutions in the country enrolled in the programme.

Tashi Dorji, an employee of Bank of Bhutan, said that since he joined the bank after graduating from high school, he only learned the old practices. He expects to understand the foundation of banking.

“The programme offers classes on customer care skills which would help me provide better services to the customers at my work,” he said.

FITI launches certificate in banking