Launch of Certificate in Banking (CB) by Financial Institutions Training Institute (FITI)
28th November 2020

A long term modularized flagship program offered for those employees working in financial sectors in Bhutan and for those who aspire to take banking profession

Thimphu – The Financial Institutions Training Institute (FITI) launched the Certificate in Banking (CB) program, one of the long-term flagship programs. Certificate in Banking (CB) is another long term flagship program in addition to the other long-term program, CPDP, a distance learning mode program that was launched sometimes in March this year. Unlike CPDP, Certificate in Banking (CB) program will be conducted on regular class attendance basis for the duration of two months. Certificate in Banking (CB) is a modularized program that would eventually lead to Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB). Upon successful completion of CB, the candidates will be enrolled in Diploma in Banking (DB) and subsequently in Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB).

The CB program is expected to build strong foundation in fundamentals and principles of banking and non-banking. The program broadly cover core areas of banking such as business development, customer care, exploring financial markets, communication skills, essential IT, numerical and accounting skills and office management. After having undergone the program, participants are anticipated to acquire knowledge and skills that would assist them to respond to the emerging industry and regulatory changes, practices and development. Today, the program is launched with 12 candidates (10 from BoBL, and 1 each from TBank and RICBL) who are all in-service employees as the first batch of Certificate in Banking. This foundational program in the near future will become mandatory course for all FIs (especially banks) as and when they recruit new employees or for any aspiring candidates choosing banking profession.

Certificate in Banking (CB) is the first phase of Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB), that was designed and developed in line with FITI’s mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities to professionals working in the financial sector through upgradation and certification to stimulate professional best practices and contribute to the economic development of the country. All the long-term flagship programs of FITI were developed in consultation with the financial services providers, and subsequently reviewed and validated by the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMA).

About FITI:

FITI was established in the year 2011 by the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan in collaboration with Financial Institutions Association of Bhutan (FIAB), as an autonomous apex institution for training, research and consultancy with the objective to train and build the human resource capacity of financial sector. FITI aims to be the “leading financial services training provider in Bhutan and centre of excellence for financial sector knowledge and human resource development.” FITI has a paid up capital of Nu. 130 million and its equity share are held by Ministry of Finance (30.7%) and other financial service providers.

Contact information

For further details on the programs and the institute, please contact Mr. Kuenga Jurmi, CEO at +975 17 60 20 04 or [email protected]