One-day program on Leadership Of The Self (LOTS) inspired from His Majesty The King’s convocation address at the Calcutta University 2010 concluded today (13th August 2021). The daylong session was organized by FITI in collaboration with RMA. Dasho Karma Tshiteem facilitated the workshop training.

The program Leadership Of The Self was delivered in four parts session. The first session focused on the idea of leadership of the self in terms of what real leadership means, followed by session on cultivating and developing the necessary mindfulness that is critical to go from doing good to doing great. The afternoon session was delivered covering various means of improving one’s ability to make better decision and concluded the daylong program by sharing some of the foundational traits for creating engaged workplace powered by meaningful conversations to drive organization from strength to strength. The final session also covered some of the special and specific roles leaders must play to ensure engaged workplace and push the organization in achieving its vision, mission and values.

This is the first of its series being designed. The day too has formally agreed to institute such Program to be organized henceforth by FITI either in collaboration with RMA or FIAB at least once in a month or quarterly on various relevant topics for RMA and FSPs (banks and non-banks).

Dasho Governor, Deputy Governors, 13 Chief Executive Officers of FSP and 11 Executives members of RMA attended the Program.