The Financial Institutions Training Institute Limited (FITI) and the Bhutan National Legal Institute (BNLI) are jointly organising a five-day refresher course on the basics of Sumtag (Grammar) and Ngagdroen (Terminology) for Legal Officers of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) from 14 -18 August 2023 at the FITI, Thimphu. Knowledge of grammar and terminology is identified as one of the key skills and competencies required for legal professionals in drafting, pleading and conveyancing.

Drafting, pleading and conveyancing form the bedrock of legal practice, facilitating effective communication, dispute resolution, and property transactions. Drafting, pleading, and conveyancing are important pillars of the legal profession. Drafting involves composing precise legal documents while pleading prepares formal statements for legal arguments. Conveyancing deals with property rights transfer.

By mastering these skills and adhering to best practices, legal professionals can navigate the complexities of legal documentation, present their cases compellingly, and ensure the lawful transfer of property rights. Continuous learning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of legal principles are key to achieving excellence in these essential areas of law.

The course is being facilitated by resource persons from the Judiciary and the Royal Institute of Management (RIM).